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Free Point of Sale Systems

Manage business with a versatile POS.

Free Terminals & Readers

Get started with a FREE credit card reader.

Cash Discount Program

Merchant Cash Discount Program

Your Trusted Payment Processor


Secure Credit Card Processing

Scale payments is committed to protect our
clients’ business. We use EMV technology to
protect all customers’ card data, making it
useless to hackers.

Next-Day Funding

Processing with Scale Payments means clients
receive funds from your credit and debit card
sales the very next business day.

No Hidden Fees

Transparency is one of our core values. Our
credit card statement makes it easy for
merchants to view how much they paid and the
amount they would be held accountable.

Real-Time Reporting

All our merchants have the ability to view their
merchant account online at any time 24/7. This
allows our clients to check batches, transactions
and run reports, from anywhere in the world, in

24/7 Customer Service

Our outstanding customer service and technical
support team always ensure that our clients’
businesses are running smoothly.

POS & e-Commerce Integration

We are compatible with most POS systems and e-commerce sites.

Scale Payments

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